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Quick Cash Loans Adelaide

from $1,500 up to $10,000

These quick cash loans are available for AUSTRALIAN RESIDENTS

Term of the loan is up to 12 months

Quick, simple and easy to apply!

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Loan Criteria - Personal Loan:

Please carefully read the section on Loan Criteria before applying (click on the highlighted link to go to the section on Loan Criteria)


How It Works - Personal Loan:

Please carefully read the section on How it Works before applying (click on the highlighted link to go to the section on How it Works)


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 Quick personal loans for any worthwhile purpose.

unpaid bills, unforseen expenses?

need new furniture or new applicances?

need to buy a car, bike, boat, jetski, caravan?

want to go on a holiday?

need to borrow money online or apply for a loan online for any other purpose?

Then apply online here now!



Online loans are available even for people with bad credit or people with poor credit.

Even if you need a bad credit loan or a poor credit loan, apply online here now!



What are Short Term Personal Loans?

Short term personal loans are loans intended to meet an immediate, short term cash need, such as an unexpected bill, vacation, or other unique circumstance.

Short term personal loans are taken out from a lending institution, and then repaid during the specified amount of time, usually less than 12 months.

Short term personal loans are not intended to finance large projects or fix a financial problem that is considered long-term, but rather to meet a cash crunch need.

Short term personal loans can be secured or unsecured.

Short term personal loans that are secured will have some form of collateral.  Many times this is the title to your car or some other valuable that you might have.  If you do not pay back the loan, the lender can repossess this item.

Why get a Personal Loan instead of a Credit Card?

Most people don't trust themselves with a credit card. It's just too easy to put off repaying a credit card and let the balance grow and grow.

For example, let's say you borrow $5,000 on a credit card charging 1.46% interest per month. If you only make the minimum payment - usually the greater of 3% of the balance or $10, it will take you 215 months to pay off (that's nearly 18 years) and you'll repay a massive total of $9,411.

Personal loans are good for long term borrowing or larger amounts.